My daughter is 5 but we haven’t been contacted about a place at Rainbows for her. What should I do?
Unfortunately, there are not enough places in the unit to provide a place for every girl as soon as they turn 5. If you have registered your interest, we will have your daughter’s details and will contact you when a place is available.

When should I register my daughter for Rainbows?
You can register your daughter at any age. We will contact you when your daughter has turned 5 and a place is available for her. Because of the demand on places, please register her before she turns 5.

My daughter hasn’t been a Rainbow but would like to be a Brownie. How do I register her?
Go to Join Us on the Girlguiding UK website and register her details. Your daughter can become a Brownie once she has turned 7 and a place is available for her.

What is the uniform and where can I buy it?
There are a range of items that girls can wear – it is up to each girl to decide which items she likes. This choice allows girls to be themselves but also makes them feel part of the unit. Uniform can be purchased from the Scout and Guide shop in Trippett Lane, Sheffield – where your daughter can try uniforms on to ensure the best fit, online at Girlguiding or second hand uniforms are usually available via e-bay.