Our Guiding Memories

These are some of our Volunteers’ favourite memories of Guiding.

‘When I moved to Dore from London, I decided to volunteer for Girlguiding. This gave me the opportunity to meet new people and have an active involvement in the local community.
I have seen the Rainbow girls laugh, love and develop their friendships. But above all, as an adult, I have met some amazing inspirational people and made some life long friends.’

‘You can come up with activities as silly as you like and the girls never turn a hair – making Hairy Hands for Halloween had me in stitches and I can’t forget the snow themed evening including fancy dress snowmen Brownies with tie on carrot noses.
Happy days!’

‘The great thing was seeing a girl who was petrified of heights gritting her teeth and abseiling…the rest cheered like crazy when she made it down and she didn’t stop grinning!!’